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hello. I am Yixian.
Interest? Father,Spirit,Son.
How about YOU?:)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Life's getting excited recently HAAHAA.

1) i wonder whats wrong with me and mondays and my alarm clock . im perfectly fine with waking up, but i wonder whats the curse with monday and why my alarm hardly works on mondays. third week of school, two detentions already. woo.

2) if i had missed school altgt, missed trg, i might nt have sprained my ankle. oucccccch

3) my ankle is recovering fine after my visit to the sinsseh. i nearly die there. pao can vouch.

4) after talking to mango on wed i know why shes so hardcore and why she does the things that she does. it just makes me understand, bt i wont entirely agree with it. oopps

5) second time in this week im late for school today ouchhhhhhhhhhhh. but im not booked! heh cos i rushed out of the house within 5 mins after i woke up and by the time i reached the mrt karen was still there! the mrt broke down soooooooo wooohooo late for sch but not caught yayeeeee

6) vectors getting on my nerves say woohoooooooo

7) tmr's huishi's birthday :D YAYE

8) i think i will go back to trg, on friday. my ankle seems fine. should i ?

8 is the luckkkeeey number. woooooooo

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

cheer !

cos my ankle seems to hurt much much lesser than ytd. : )

cheer !
i skipped mass pe today .

cheer !
i get to skip swim pe on monday! : D

Monday, February 02, 2009
Hi, I'm Lame, how about you?


i sprained my ankle so im lame. :D

ok i was late + detention.

: )


Thursday, January 29, 2009


math is hard. :(

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
If I get sick tmr, I know why.

I just ate chinese goodies.. for dinner. wooo!

im thanking God that i survived today.
im thanking God that tmr there's no trg.
im thanking God that.. FRIDAY might have no trg!

i need to rest . seriously.
and for those who have been feeling down, take heart, you are not alone!
cheer up! :D

Thursday, January 22, 2009
everybody in the house yo!

i think im feeling much much better.

Beneath the still waters, I wonder.

Indeed the week is finally coming to an end.
I wonder how i even survived it.

wait a min, are there going to be any more devestating news tmr, dear God?
And now i thought of Job, how on earth did he even managed to gather the strength to praise God, despite all the losses that he suffered. one may say his heart was strong, but perhaps he is just Spirit-filled and Kingdom-minded. in comparison, Paul is yet another person that make me wonder in awe. how could this be? perhaps its easier to read the epistles over and over again than to be convinced by the very truth that Paul went through times worse than me ( or yours ) but by God's grace he was picked up and able to praise God in every season of his life after knowing Jesus.


I rmb i told pao something when she felt like ponning school. and to myself, in this situation, i can only say that, there's a thousand reasons why i should give up, but if there's just one reason for me to be truly thankful for God ( which i obviously have ) then i will hold on to it and fix my eyes on Jesus.

When all else fails, know that Jesus never fail.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
When you cant trace God's hand, trust His heart.

These few days have been extremely depressing.
either that these testings are really coming too tough on me, or that my heart is too faint to endure. whichever it is, i would still prefer to say JESUS TAKE ME HOME!!!